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This site contains instructions/lessons from a handbook developed to help individuals master the skills necessary for successful reading.   

Dyslexic people need specific help in developing certain skills we take for granted.  At least one-third of the students in classrooms across the U.S. need help in:  letter/word reversals, blending sounds into words, applied phonics, and spelling. This material is the answer when all else has not worked. 

The pages may be printed at no charge to the user (tutor/parent/teacher) for the sole purpose of improving reading instruction—you may try printing from a local library computer running Windows if you have problems printing at home.  Some worksheets load VERY slowly because they were scanned at a high resolution.  Please be patient. We also encourage you to make your own worksheets similar to the ones shown/described if you have difficulty printing or would like more variety.

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A.  Introduction/Preface

B.  Section #1

C.  Section #2

D.  Section #3

E.  Conclusion

F.  Appendix

For more information about the necessary skills needed for successful reading, please visit the National Reading Panel website:  http://www.nationalreadingpanel.org



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