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        Although Pacific County might be better known to the public for its tourism attractions such as the Long Beach Peninsula, it’s becoming a center for small manufacturers. Examples include   Menlo-based Willapa Marine Products Inc., which makes shellfish harvesting gear such as clam guns and crab pots; Pacific Gro in Raymond, producer of organic fertilizer made with scraps from fish processing plants; Harmony SoapWorks in Oysterville; Terra Firma Cosmetics in Raymond; and multiple seafood processing companies.

Pacific County may be out of the way, but it’s a good place to nourish small manufacturers employing five to 10 people, said Cathy Russ, executive director of the Pacific County Economic Development Council. “We’re fortunate that we have the space and can give them a shot,” she said. “We can handle the workforce, we can handle the space, we can handle the environmental issues because it’s not large scale.”

Russ said the EDC plans “more of a campaign to get our manufacturers out there” in 2010. “As many as we have, we need to talk about it.”

The counties of Southwest Washington need success stories and lots of them to offset the battering they’ve taken in forest products and the companies that cut trees and turned them into building products sold to the now-decimated home-construction market.


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