Gardner's Restaurant
Restaurant and 
Espresso/Lunch Stand

Wanted:  Chef  who  wants
their own restaurant.

Great Opportunity to own your own restaurant! 
You only need a good credit reference basic $ for start up food and licenses.
On Highway 101 in South Bend Washington
702 W. Robert Bush Drive, South Bend, WA 
Where is South Bend. WA?  Click here to see map & directions.

Gardner's Restaurant was featured in Sunset Magazine, August 2000. Try the Cajun Oysters!


Great husband/wife operation!  Turn-key business.  Ready to operate! 

Lease to own
with good credit references100% return from lease toward down payment.

Example of one way we plan to help someone own their own restaurant. Rent paid during the lease/option to buy, can be applied to the down payment.  The banks require a down of some amount and this would give you this from your own profits.  They also like to see someone involved for a period of time, in the business and this would also satisfy that requirement.  Also a proven track record of payments made to utilities, credit card records, purveyors, etc.  Do you have an idea of how you could do it?   Let us know and we will try to work with it.

Unfortunely, we lost our chef and have not been able to find another great chef to replace his  cooking and management.  Demographics suggest the need for a "meat and pototes" home-style "country" cooking is needed in the area.  There is also an Espresso stand, which can be subleased for $500 a month or $17 a day rent and they pay their own electric and a portion of the other utilities.  One problem they have ran into now is that the person with the credit rating good enough to take it to the next step, has left.  

Change the name and the menu?  You bet, for the right person.

For more information, or if you have another idea, call Gary or Kelly, owners, at 360-942-2810 or email us at 

   Local community asset, small town, and very friendly!  School district are great!  Beautiful place to live!  Right on the Willapa River or Willapa Bay which produces the largest percentage of oysters consumed in the State of Washington.  For more information on the area,  go to

Sale Price, only  $149,950 (below appraised value)

Seats 40-45 in booths and tables.  Pine wood         Wait station and Chef Presentation area. 
finishing.  Hunter green vinyl booths and chairs.        (kitchen in background)

Cooking area and Chef Presentation area on        Restaurant and Espresso/Lunch Stand on main.
right. Refrigerator, prep station, Pannini grill, six    street, also Highway 101 with river front view. burner gas stove, double oven, broiler, sink.

Inventory List for Restaurant and Espresso Stand (subject to change as of Nov 2003)

20 Oval Plates 12”
04 Oval Plates 10”
06 Dinner Plates 10 ½”
44 Round Salad Plates 9"
31 Oval Vegetable Plates 7"
51 Round Bread & Butter Plates 7"
08 Boat Bowls 8”
10 Boat Bowls 7”
09 Deep Vegetable Bowls 8”
28 Soup Cups 3 3/4 "
20 Soup Bowls 9"
26 Fruit "Monkey" Dishes 4 1/2"
34 Footed Sherbet Dishes
26 Medium Soup Bowls 5 1/2"
09 White Wine Glasses
20 Red Wine Glasses
26 Water Glasses
16 Beer Glasses
26 Champagne Glasses
21 Coffee Cups
22 Coffee Mugs
28 Coffee Saucers
04 purple coffee mugs
18 Menu Covers – Forest Green
10 Menu Covers – Burgundy
30 Green Cloth Napkins
72 Heavy Weight Dinner Forks
94 Knives
86 Teaspoons
24 Soup Spoons
15 Ice tea Spoons
50 Salad Forks
15 Steak Knives
17 Cocktail Forks
1 Crab Crackers
4 Crab Picks
2 Corkscrews
4 SS 2 oz servers
7 ceramic servers/creamer
5 wine carafes
5 water pitchers
44 sauce cups
26 SS cups 2oz
4 clear glass mugs
1 Cheese Shaker
6 Cruets
16 glass Gibraltar Sugar Holders
15 Chrome Server 6oz.
2 Syrup Caddy 3 compartment
1 Clear Salt and Peppermills
Black Teapot
2 SS Teapots
Misc. guest checks, trays, covers, reservation signs
Misc. Cleaning supplies
2 large serving trays
5 small serving trays
1 7-bottle wine rack
6 small gray trash cans
2 small green trash cans
2 large ice scoop
1 small ice scoop
3 sterno chaffing dishes w/pans
11 Baskets
2 4-slice toaster
1 2-slice toaster
4 Saute pans 7 1/2"-8-10-12”
3 Nonstick Pans 7" – 12”

1 Black Iron Pan 11 ½”
1 Portable Grill Top 14” x 23”
3 Stainless Soup Pots 9"
7 Misc. Soup Pot Lids
2 Large Soup Pots
1 Pasta Insert
3 Medium Soup Pots

3 large plastic cutting boards
Misc. plastic and SS lids
Misc. plastic 5 gallon buckets
3 Outdoors garbage cans
1 Panasonic Microwave Oven
1 water filter system
2 butane cylinders with igniter
1 Energy Miser Commercial Dishwasher
9 Dishwashing Racks
2 Silverware Dishwashing Racks
1 Farberware Electric Turbo Oven
1 G E Refrigerator/Freezer
1 True Salad Prep Refrigeration Unit & inserts 4'
3 Wells Electric Deep Fryers -Double Baskets
1 Kitchen Aid Mixer -One Gallon Size plus accessories
1 U S Range (propane) Dbl Oven, 6 Burner, Grill Top
2 Wells Two Hole Soup Warmer
3 SS sinks (prep, hand, dishwashing)
1 Globe Electric Meat Slicer
1 Kenmore Chest Freezer
1 Upright Freezer

1 Heavy Duty French Fry Cutter
1 Heavy Duty Can Opener
2 Juicer
Misc. Clear plastic food holders w/ lids
Misc. SS food holders
Misc. knives, sharpeners, stones, racks,
5 Hot Coffee Pots
1 Royal Cash Register
1 Cash Register Drawer setup
2 Panasonic Air Conditioners-DR
1 Air Conditioner-Kitchen
1 locking safe
2 portable butane burners
1 Ice Cream Machines
1 Pinini Grill
1 Whirlpool Clothes Washer
1 Whirlpool Clothes Gas Dryer
1 Cornelius Large capacity Ice Maker
1 Food Warmer Strip
1 True 26 Cubic Foot Glass Door Refrigerator
1 Credit Card Reader
1 Credit Card Receipt Printer
1 Stereo/CD Player
2 Kenwood Speakers
10 Free Standing Tables
17 Wooden Chairs
5 Green Rugs
2 booster seats
2 Heavy Duty rubber locking mats
24 Salt or Pepper Shakers
4 plastic dish tubs

5 Silverware plastic sorting trays
Misc. plastic trays
3 Ice Buckets/Wine servers
10quart pourers with spring lid

1 large ramekin
8 small ramekins
2 butter warmers
1 small glass footed dishes
3 small green boats
2 refer temp gauges

Misc. measuring spoons & cups
5+ decorative serving trays
Misc. large SS deep warming trays
Misc. colanders, strainers,
Misc. large 12” x 24” clear plastic food servers w/lids
Misc. Spoons, Ladles, Knives and Tongs
2 Heavy Duty Soup Pots 4 1/2 Qt.
2 Soup Pot 1 1/2 Qt.
2 Thin Gauge Soup Pots 4 1/2 Qt.
9 Full Size Sheet Pans
Misc. smaller Sheet Pans
11 Stainless Steel Bowls
Misc. Plastic Containers, Wire Whips, Strainers, Scrapers, Spatulas, Scoopers, Spreaders, etc.
1 Safety First Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishing System
1 Hand Held Fire Extinguisher
1 Mop Bucket and Mop
Cuisinart DLCX -Plus

Pound Scale
1 - Ounce Scale
First Aid Kit
Window Coverings 2 south windows
6 Wall Framed Art
Vacuum Cleaner
12 Terra Cotta Base
11 Clear Globe
11 Vases
18 taper candles
01 flower arrangement stand
Fluorescent Markers
Black Framed Board
6 Chef Jackets (not white)
21 green aprons
10 Black Striped aprons
10 Bow ties
01 Brown apron
06 small black aprons
04 red aprons
02 white tablecloths
03 maroon tablecloths 2w/holes)
10 white aprons
Misc. tools 
Misc. Soap Dispenser, soap,
Misc. paper towel dispensers & towels
Misc. paint
Misc. toilet brush, plunger, paper, exhaust fans, mirrors
30 green napkins – used
1 green vest
2 black vest
plunger, paper, exhaust fans, mirrors

30 green napkins – used

1 green vest

2 black vest









Buildings and Real Estate Information
(see inventory list below for contents)
Building #1 Restaurant:   47' x 28' Remodeled w/ new equipment 1992 and 1997
Building #2 Espresso Stand:  14' x 9'  New building and equipment in 1995
Lot Size:  100' x 120' on Highway 101
Parking Lot:  10 spaces with additional parking on street and lot next door
Physical Address:  702 W. Robert Bush Drive, South Bend, WA  98586
Note:  South Bend is County seat with offices 2 blocks away.

Sample Fine Dining Menu - currently there is a Gardner's in Olympia, WA
both with a great reputation!
House Specialties
Clam Chowder
Caesar Salad
Pasta and Seafood Entrees
Homemade desserts
Crab Cakes
Shrimp and Crab Cocktails
Fried Oysters & Oyster Shooters
Seafood Fettucini
Seafood Treasure Chest
Dungeness Crab Stuffed Chicken
Chicken Picatta
Hazelnut Chicken
Baked Willapa Bay Oysters
Peppered New York Steak
Herb Crusted Prime Rib
New York Cheesecake
French Silk Chocolate Pie
Hand made Ice Creams