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John Baptist Grimm and
Elizabeth Zurlohe Grimm

Roman Catholic: had Ohio, Indiana, Missouri cousins, (wife had half-sister Mary Zurlohe McCave.)

John Baptist Grimm

Place: Germany (Hesse ?)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Married:1895 ?
Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Occupation: laborer, farmer
Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Physical: Eyes, ; Hair, ; Height, 5'9";
Wife: Elizabeth Zurlohe

Elizabeth Zurlohe

Elizabeth Zurlohe

Born: 1868?
Place: USA
Religion: Roman Catholic
Married: 1895? (at age 27)
Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Died: 1908? (at age 40)
Place: Oldenburg, Indiana, USA
Physical: Eyes, ; Hair, ; Height, 6';
Husband: John Baptist Grimm


  1. John Francis (4 July 1896) (Married: three children)
  2. George J (1897)
  3. Edward (1901) (Never Married)
  4. Rose (Died pre-school age)
  5. Mamie (Died pre-school age)
  6. Ann Margaret Elizabeth (1905)
  7. Paul (1908?) (Adopted as infant)

Family Background

Sitting outside on a bench and leaning against the farmhouse while holding baby Paul, Elizabeth threw back her head, breaking the window glass. She probably died instantly from a heart attack.

While John stayed to care for his mother and younger siblings, 10-year-old George ran two miles to where his father was working, to tell him he was needed at home.

After his wife Elizabeth died -- George was 10, his brother John 18 months older and Paul 6 months -- the two youngest surviving children were given up for adoption. Marie as Ann Margaret Elizabeth was renamed, was adopted by the Theisings.

The three oldest boys were sent to the Boys Protectory in Oldenburg, Indiana where they were taught by Catholic Brothers (Monks) in the German they had spoken at home. Their father moved back to Cincinnati.

When George was 13, their father was remarried, to the Widow Schneider. The three boys moved back home and the two oldest went to work for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

John at 16 was working at a foundry in Saint Louis, and not much later he and his brother George came to the northwest.

Edward left home later, traveled the country to settle finally in California.

Marie (Ann Margaret Elizabeth) never left Cincinnati, remaining with the same employer until retirement.

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