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Richter, Thiemig

Immigrated to the United States from Germany, with last of immediate family in their old age, after World War I.

F T Richter

Friedrich Traugott Richter (husband)

Born: 25 February 1859
Place: Germany
Religion: Lutheran
Married: 26 December 1883
Place: Germany
Occupation: Electrician, Mine Inspector
Died: 22 November 1933
Place: Menlo, Pacific, Washington, USA
Physical: Eyes, ; Hair, ; Height, (short);
Wife: Marie Louise Thiemig

Marie Louise Richter

Marie Louise Thiemig (wife)

Born: 11 September 1859
Place: Prestewritz, Germany
Religion: Lutheran
Married: 26 December 1883
Place: Germany
Died: 13 June 1945
Place: Menlo, Pacific, Washington, USA
Physical: Eyes, ; Hair, ; Height, 5'2";
Husband: Friedrich Traugott Richter


  1. Friedrich Otto Richter Otto (1884)
  2. Friedrich Oswin Richter Oswin (1885)
  3. Otto Friedrich Richter Fritz (1888)
  4. Friederich Wilhelm Richter Wilhelm (1891)
  5. Marie Lina Richter Lina (1893)
  6. Marie Anna Richter Anna Marie
  7. Anna Marie Richter Marie Anna (1903)


The family lived in the small town Henriette, near Cottbus, which, with Berlin, later became East Germany until the Berlin Wall came down.

Otto and his fiancée Pauline, resented his conscription for two years into the German army. Pauline lived with his parents until his term of service was over and then they left the country with their infant daughter. Otto and Pauline built a nice house and had a dairy farm at the top of what is now named Richter Road in Menlo, Washington. The house remains still, has been renovated and is occupied.

The three younger Richter boys left the country one at a time while Otto was still in the army and they too young for conscription.

Oswin spent time in Western Canada and Alaska before starting a small farm at Rue Creek near Menlo, Washington. (He also worked at a sawmill in Raymond until retirement.)

Fritz was a professional musician and due to his active union membership had to flee the country in fear of his life. He was lost from aboard the ship off the Canary Islands, the family believing it was due to his being caught by anti-union forces. (All four of the boys were trained, as most males in Europe, to play musical instruments.)

Wilhelm went to Panama to work during canal construction, and then became a cowboy in the US west. The canal was completed just as World War I started, and the family remaining in Europe as well as the brothers in Menlo, Washington, lost touch with Wilhelm. He died (in Wyoming?) after World War I (the influenza epidemic?)

The two older girls (Lina trained as a professional tailor/dressmaker) had ship tickets to the United States when the war with England began and so they could not cross the English channel. A few years after the war when they could leave, Lina was married (to Franz Otto) with a two year old son and infant daughter. The entire remaining family including the elderly parents -- with home and household goods sold and help with extra fares sent from the USA -- emigrated in 1920, settling in the vicinity of Menlo, Washington.

family farm

Parents, daughter Lina, grandchildren Oswin Robert Otto and Ursula (Sue) who would grow up to marry Earl Buck.

The parents, and the two younger daughters so long as they were still single, lived at the Rue Creek farm of Oswin, about a mile from the center of Menlo. The elderly parents did much of the operation of the dairy farm as Oswin worked at a sawmill in Raymond until retirement (as did also Lina's husband, Frank.)

family About 1925

The two youngest, Anna Marie and Marie Anna, bottom left in photo, understanding that in the United States the first rather than middle name is commonly the one addressed by, had traded names on immigration.

The parents, sons -- Otto and wife, Pauline, not in photo -- and Oswin, daughters Lina, (husband, Frank Otto) Anna -- husband George Grimm, married after this photograph -- and Marie -- husband, Ed Pehl, not yet married either -- were all buried at Fern Hill Cemetery in Menlo. Lina's older daughter in photo and daughter's husband also buried at Fern Hill, son elsewhere, and younger daughter survives into new millennium. Woman at lower right, unidentified.

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